The company OTROKOVICKE PAPIRNY, plc. was founded by Tomas Bata in year 1932 as part of his footwear factory. The production was targeted on needs of footwear industry. In later years they produced the cardboard under the heading of the footwear giant SVIT. Succesfull developement of the company enabled the gradual extension of range of products in packaging.In 1994 privatization went ahead and Otrokovicke papirny became a private joint stock company. A year later the Cardboard Ltd. and the Pokart Ltd. excluded from Otrokovicke papirny. However all tree companies still work closely together on the production of cardboards and cardboard boxes.Since 2004 Otrokovicke papirny are making only a full machine cardboards. By modernization of production and purchasing of new technologies we keep pace with current European trends in the production of cardboard. Otrokovicke papirny, plc. are biggest producer of the full machine cardboard in Czech republic.In October 2000 the company Otrokovicke papirny were certified under the ISO9001 quality managment system. The company is also authorized to use the trademark EKO-PACK and full recyclability RESY character.


You have probably noticed that the company Otrokovicke papirny a.s. come to end.

Complete know how took over company Cardboard s.r.o.. This company manufactures pasted cardboard bought Otrokovické papirny a.s. fully (machinery, human resources , warehouse) and continues to produce quality full machine cardboard under his name.